Welcome to MentaMorph.

MentaMorph Money provides an educational game experience about spending and investing for greatest return.  

Financial choices are not made in isolation. You’ll experience how savings can protect you against emergencies, how debt can reduce your choices, how choosing to spend on expenses that provide little value can instead be put into savings and investments, and how that can increase your worth.

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Financial Literacy. Reimagined.

It's hard to stay motivated when learning about financial literacy!

We made MentaMorph so fun that people would prefer learning new skills while playing an exciting game.

Personalized Learning

Change characters, customize your profile, and add friends

Unlock Rewards

In game rewards make learning fun and allows to gauage real progress

Improve Quickly

Lessons on financial literacy go far beyond money- improve your life

Gain Practical Knowledge

Managing things we have in life is a never ending pursuit we can all benefit from

A new educational experience.

Changing the World, One Lesson At A Time